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Waste Grease Collection System in Jiangsu Guohua

Name of Owner: Guohuan Energy

Manufacturer of main machine: Shanghai Electric

Equipment model: 2.0MW wind turbine

Installed on: Pitch bearings

Model installed: ALP702W

Brief Introduction

Autol's after-service engineer found that, during this inspection period, the monitor counter displayed for 480 times. Up to now, the machine has operated for about 480 cycles. It has 30 grease suction and discharge units. The system was manually operated for 5 cycles. ALP702W powered pump, branch control box, grease suction and discharge units, etc. were normally operating. As a result, 15 grease collectors collected 170 ml waste grease and the collector is 500 ml in vehicle. 6 of them close to nacelle side collected 250 ml waste grease. Because of main bearing designed with a 5° elevation angle and under action of hub rotating centrifugal force, the collector at the deflector collected about 100 ml. Generally, the waste grease collection was satisfied. For the parameters setting, the off time was 1P:6h,the operating time of supply line A was 2P:3min and the operating time of supply line B was 3