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Autol's Orders Exceeding 10000 Units in November 2017

In 2017, with adjustment of national macroeconomic policy, the supply-side reform has been further deepened. For many manufacturing enterprises, it is a relatively difficult year. However, Autol made outstanding achievements against such challenge. In November, our orders exceeded 10,000 units and hit a new high. At the same time, it also inspired the Autol people to keep improving, smart manufacturing with excellent workmanship, and remain committed to our mission.

From the beginning of November, Autol's staff members of production, manufacturing, product inspection, warehousing and logistics worked overtime even during holidays. A large number of logistics vehicles run from/to the plant area one another. The staff members of Deppon Logistics say that Autol has become their logistics transshipment point. In order to ensure that the products can be delivered to customers just in time and with good quality and correct quantity, Autol also organized to train the functional personnel from logistics, packaging and other basic positions to support the workshop production.

The monthly orders more than 10,000 units represent that our customers are in a nod to Autol and that the markets give test to the Autol people. Over more than 10 years, Autol has always focused on customers to carry out all the work. Either from the product R&D to delivery or from product installation to maintenance, the Autol people in all stages of the product life cycle can take concrete actions to ensure customer focus. Although the Autol people faced with heavy and urgent delivery tasks, they can ensure to deliver the best-quality products to customers by striving to be worthy of customer's trust, remaining committed to our mission, and working hard to press ahead.