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How to Maintain Lubrication System of Power Generation Syste

The lubrication of wind turbine mainly includes thin oil lubrication (or called mineral oil lubrication ) or dry oil lubrication (or called grease lubrication). The turbine gearbox and yawing speed-reduction gearbox are of mineral oil lubrication and generator bearings and yawing bearings are of dry oil lubrication.

During operation of wind turbine, some faults may possibly occur, which must be troubleshot on site. Thus, we have an opportunity for performing routine maintenance by the way.

First, observe carefully that the safety platform and ladder in the platform are firmly, no bolt is loosening, the control is free of smell of the burnt, no cable is displaced, no clamping plate is loosening, no torsional cable sensor is worn or broken, no lubricant of yawing gear is dried or deteriorated, the levels of the yawing gearbox, grease, and gear box are normal, the pressure of the pump station is normal, no wear can be found between moving parts and rotating parts, no leakage is from the pipe fittings, and the filter indication of the gear oil and grease is normal.

Second, check carefully whether there is discharging sound in the control cabinet. If yes, the terminal may be loosened or bad contacted. Check carefully that the yawing sound is normal, no noise of dry wear occurs, no knocking of generator bearing, gearbox or between brake disc and brake pad occurs, and the wind shear sound of blades is normal.

Third, clean the work site and wipe the elements and pipe fittings of pump station for observation of future possible leakage.