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Smart Distributor

The smart distributor is the actuator of the lubrication system and may control maximum 5 solenoids. Each smart distributor has its own address and may communicated with the PLC inside the control cabinet via RS-485 field bus for real-time control and monitoring of the solenoid operating conditions of each smart distributor.

Working Principle
The operating parameters are set with smart controller. Also, the parameters may be configured by PLC control. During operation, the smart controller receives the PLC instructions to open the solenoids one by one. According to the flow parameter setting, grease is supplied to the lube points at fixed amount. The volumetric flow meter monitors the real-time actual grease supply and feeds the flow information back to the smart controller. If the actual grease supply reaches the set grease supply, the smart controller closes the current solenoid and judges to perform the grease supply to next lube point. It judges in turn and opens corresponding solenoid to supply the lube points at fixed amount.


Model Operating voltage Number of outlet port Communication mode Operating pressure
ADT-2 AC220V 2 ports RS485 25Mpa
ADT-3 AC220V 3 ports RS485 25Mpa
ADT-4 AC220V 4 ports RS485 25Mpa
ADT-5 AC220V 5 ports RS485 25Mpa