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Grease Pump

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Electric Grease Pump

An electric grease pump is composed of a transmission part, a sealing part, a pressurizing device, oil lifting part, safety valve, and lube feeding part, etc. Inserted into the standard 15kg oil tank, it is convenient to use.

Working Principle
The transmission part drives the oil lifting part to move up and down, making the one-way valve inside the cavity to close or open. When the one-way valve close, the lube feeding pump sucks lube. On the contrary, the pump presses the lube out.

With high flow and high pressure, our electric lube feeding pump is highly efficient with good performance.
The flow of current electric lube feeding pumps in domestic and international markets is less than 0.5L/min (lube 2# ). However, the flow of our lube feeding pump is 1L/min(lube 2# ), which is twice that of other pumps in the market.

Electricity: AC220V, 50Hz
The output of the outlet at ordinary temperature: 1.2L/min(without oil pipe);1L/min (with 6M oil pipe)
The output of the outlet at low temperature(-10°C): 0.9L/min(without oil pipe);0.7L/min(with 6M oil pipe)
Max delivery pressure: 30MPa
Lube: 0-3# lithium grease
The specification of pipes: Length 6M, pipe diameterφ13*φ22