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Lubrication Distributor

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Single Line Distributor

Single line distributor is made up of separate chips. Chips number could range 1 to 10 according to program. Single line distributor consists of distributor chips, piston, spring, metering chamber, quantitative connector, indicating arm, two position three way valve.

The pioneering single line distributor is easy to be installed and expanded.
Each lubrication branch in one distributor group works independently and each other is not affected.
It can avoid the grease block with stable performance, long service life, easy and cheap for maintenance.

Working Principle
1.The lubrication oil enter into the main oil tubing and push the valve core, so that the oil inlet and the oil reservoir connected.
2.Under the mail line pressure, piston pushes the spring. The grease is discharged from the drain and delivered to the specified lubrication points.
3.When the main oil pressure relief, the spring pushes the plunger, and the valve core back to the original position.

Max Pressure: 25MPa
Output Volume: 0.1、0.2、0.4、0.6、0.75、1.0、1.2、1.5ml/cy
Grease: NLGI—0# 、1#、2#、3#
Working temperature: -30—80℃