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AK07 Monitor

Monitor display the datas of grease pressure in grease line, time countdown to the “OFF” state, operating hours, total number of operations and fault code, CAN communication; detection of air pressure, grease level and flow added

1.Installed on the external monitor.
2.The CAN communication and functions for detection of air pressure, grease level, flow, etc. are added based on the original AK04 monitor.
3.Voltage: 9 to 36 VDC
4.Alarm: Press the right key to acknowledge the alarm and the buzzer sound will be stopped in case of alarm occurrence.


Parameter code Parameter name Range of numerical value Unit Meaning
1P Interval of dormant state 1 to 30 h Time countdown to the dormant state
2P Grease quantity filled 1 to 99 ml The grease is filled according to the duration set for 3P if 2P=0; the grease is filled at fixed time if 2P is not zero.
3P During of grease filling 1 to 30 min Positive counting duration during work
4P Low standby temperature 1 to 50 °C  The C- and temperature value will be when the equipment is standby at low temperature.
5P Accuracy of fixed quantity 1 to 10 0.1 ml It means the quantity value of each graduation of the flow indication sensor. If the grease is filled at fixed quantity, the quantity of filling displayed will be increased progressively by this number until that the 2P value is finished.