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Automatic Grease System for Trucks

Introduction of the System
Autol innovated new centralized lubrication system for commercial vehicles and have maintained a long-term cooperation with varied coach and bus manufacturers.
Here are the common lubrication series for coach and bus:
AR60 series: AR60, AR60H, AR60HG, AR60HL
AL50 series: ALP502
AL70 series: ALP712
AL80 series: ALP822
Let’s use ALP50 as an example to introduce coach lubrication system.

Working Principle:
The system controls the gear pump to do periodic running through the ECU LCD monitor. When the system works, the motor drives the gear pump to conduct grease suction and discharge. After entering the main oil line, the high-pressure grease is supplied to each lubrication point through pressurized distributor. The system releases pressure after completing its run.

Technology Innovation:
The country-around and year-around application of highly dense 0# lube; ECU smart controlling system; New pressure-type distributor with high pressure, stable performance and good lubrication; Intelligent temperature control system solves the application problem of the system in high cold zone.

Manual Lubrication VS Automatic Lubrication
Compared to manual lubrication, centralized lubrication system is enclosed, which avoids grease leaking and the abrasion of friction pairs.
Advantages of Centralized Lubrication System
1. Automatic system guarantees timing and automatic lubrication, which saves labor (95%) and ensures operators’ safety.
2. Longer truck life, expand your machines’ lifespan for more than 60%
3. Save grease for more than 70%, environmentally sustainable