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Bucket Wheel Machine Lubrication System

Introduce of System
The bucket wheel machine lubrication system consists of programmable logic controller, grease filling pump,intelligent distributers,solenoid directional valve and pipes
Advanced Technologies
1.Online monitoring: collect, inquire and store the data of the system; give a fault alarm, find the operation failure, provide fault analysis, eliminate fault to make sure the system efficient, safe and convenient. 
2.With automatic controlling technology, the pump can supply lube automatically and efficiently.
3.By monitoring each lube points, the system can precisely adjust the operation diameters which guarantees environmental and saving lube distribution by needs with appropriate quantity at proper time.
4.The integration of network, automation, sensing technology and lube system makes sure the equipment work well. If anything goes wrong, the system will find and address promptly to avoid equipment damage.

Advantages of Centralized Lubrication System VS Manual Lubrication

1. Automatic system guarantees timing and automatic lubrication, which saves labor (95%) and ensures operators’ safety. 
2. By forced and timing lubrication with fixed quantity for fixed points, centralized lubrication system is clean and grease-saving. Save grease for more than 70%, environmentally sustainable.
3. Compared to manual lubrication, centralized lubrication system is enclosed, which avoids grease leaking and the abrasion of friction pairs. 
4. Your machine is well greased, which extends the service interval, thus lengthening working time and enchancing your efficiency. 
5. Expand your machines’ lifespan for more than 60%.