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Belt Conveyor Centralized Lubrication System


Due to considerable power, friction factor and impact load, the belt conveyor in ports is easily abraded, which requires the precision and safety of its lubrication. We equip the belt conveyor in ports with lubrication system with efficient operation data.

System Analysis

The system consists of monitoring and lubrication systems. The lubrication system is composed of electric control box, electric lubrication pump, oil feeding pump, filter, distributor, pipe, sensor and accessories. The monitoring system is made up of remote monitoring and controlling computer, monitoring software, communication module and electric control box(with communication module). The details are as following chart.



Working Principle

The remote monitoring and controlling computer keeps wireless communication with each lubrication station, collecting and classifying the lubrication data of each. If any fault appears, the remote monitoring computer and control box can localize it specifically.

Advantages of centralized lubrication system

1. Automatic system guarantees timing and automatic lubrication, which saves labor (95%) and ensures operators’ safety.
2. Longer truck life, expand your machines’ lifespan for more than 60%
3. Save grease for more than 70%, environmentally sustainable