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ATL3000 Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System

Introduction of  Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System
ATL3000 Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System is a pioneering intelligent lubrication system innovatively developed and manufactured by Auto Technology Co. Ltd. It lubricates certain points with a precise quantity of grease and at preset intervals, and it has functions of real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. The system uses PLC of SIEMENS S7-200 Series as its main control element, and uses a touch screen as a text displayer. The pressure sensor is a superior one made in America, which can monitor the system pressure in real time, and can connect to the monitoring system of the upper computer through the internet so as to achieve remote control and real-time monitoring. Thus the lubrication conditions will be clear. The operating personnel can adjust the grease supply parameters through the text displayer/touch screen according to the lubrication requirements of each point in order to meet the different requirements of each point. The grease supply parameters can also be adjusted through the monitoring system of the upper computer in the central control room. The system operates in a stable and reliable way, and it is easy to adjust the quantity of oil (grease) and to find the fault points. The maintenance work is minimized, largely decreasing human labor and avoiding environment pollution and the waste of grease. It also extends the service life of the system and improves the overall efficiency.
ATL3000 Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System: the programmable logic controller (PLC), an electrically-driven lubrication pump, an electric refilling pump, an electromagnetic reversing valve (two-position four-way valve), an intelligent grease distribution terminal, pipelines and fittings, the upper computer and a monitoring system (elective), etc.
Working Principle
When off time counts down to zero, or the system is triggered manually, the control cabinet sends an order of turning on the pump. Then the lubrication pump is on, and the main pipeline begins to pressurize. The control cabinet determines the lubrication points which need grease supply at the moment. The intelligent grease distributor receives the order and starts the grease supplying cycle at the corresponding points. The flow meter monitors the grease supply quantity at each point in real time. When the preset value is reached, the grease supplying process will stop at the point. Then the control cabinet determines the next point which needs grease supply and repeats the above process until the whole grease supplying cycle is finished. If any fault occurs in the system, the system will adopt certain measures to deal with the fault. If the measure adopted doesn't work, it will send a fault request signal to the monitoring system of the upper computer in order to facilitate the servicing work of the maintenance staff.