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Wind Turbine Lubrication System

According to the equipment condition of wind power plant, determining the required lube points, and amount of grease. Design reliable lubrication solution to viable propeller bearings, variable propeller gears, yaw bearings, yaw gears, main shaft bearings and motor bearings
The system consists of plunger grease pump, integrated single-line distributor block, monitor, grease pressure sensor, supply line, branch line, accessories, etc.The plunger grease pump is connected to distributor blocks in parallel via the supply line. On the end of the supply line, the grease pressure sensor is fitted. The discharge port of the distributor is connected to corresponding lube point.

Why choose automatic lubrication system

1.Traditional centralized lubricating system for "timing & quantitative" lubricated manner cannot meet the differentiated needs of each lubrication parts within the system, which causes some parts are poor lubrication, some parts are oil overdose;

2.Individual lubrication part of Centralized lubrication systems will appear the block or leakage, which influence the effective lubrication to other parts

3.which is installed on the fan head will be rotated with the fan blade, it is always in inversion status. The spring pressure plate auxiliary technology of common lubrication pump has poor effect, the phenomena of Evacuation & non-flow will occasionally happen under cold environment

4.The part of long-term accumulation grease in lubrication pump will be easy hardening deterioration, make the resistance of oil-line bigger and bigger, when it exceeds the sealing capacity of bearing enclosure, Orifice oil seal of injecting new grease will be burst
5.Equipped with an automatic lubrication system can reduce the time of grease injection, greatly improve the working efficiently, To equipment, Automatic lubrication system provides optimum lubrication effect

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